“Find sources: Cessna Citation X for sale” is the name of my first article in this series. In this installment, we will move on from locating that source to the price. We are now ready for the price. We know where we found it, what kind of aircraft was it, and what year it was manufactured. Now, we can ask how much it would cost to repair the aircraft. We know that it is a Cessna since there are two Cessnas listed in the database for that model.

Cessna Citation

Cessna Citation
Cessna Citation

The question now is, how much is this aircraft worth? Since we found it, we can use that information to answer that question. To determine the value of your used Cessna Citation X for sale, you need to do some homework. Find resources:

Review the features of your Cessna Citation X for sale. Does it have everything that an airline would want out of an aircraft? What about additional avionics? Review all the business jet charters that you have researched and determine if yours has everything that is important for a successful business flight.

Cessna Citation X

If you found a good business jet charter, it should have several high-tech features. These would include fully loaded A/C kits (there should be at least two), widebody double engine mount (swivel out back in the cabin), gas burning pilot engine (swivel in the cabin as well), high bay low bay winglets, and highly swept cockpits. Look for a Cessna Citation model that has a highly swept cockpit. This allows for easy viewing of the control panel, which will also help in your inspection of the avionics. Last Minute Private Jet Deals

Consider the takeoff weight. It should not be more than 14 passengers. The gross takeoff weight will determine the maximum take off weight of the aircraft. If you are flying with another passenger, it is good to know the weight of each flight will be dependent on this number. Pilatus PC-24 For Sale 

Cessna Citation Price

Cessna Citation Price
Cessna Citation Price

For example, if the airplane takes off with only nine passengers, the weight for the entire flight should be less than fourteen passengers. If it takes off with sixteen passengers, the weight for the entire flight should be over fourteen passengers.

Next, consider the average takeoff weight for your aircraft type. The weight of most small business jet models is under ten thousand pounds. However, there are a few exceptions. If you are flying a twin-engine Cessna Citation X for sale that weighs less than ten thousand pounds, then the average takeoff weight is closer to seven thousand pounds. The reason for this is because most Cessna aircraft is powered by either one or two engines inboard, which gives extra weight behind the wing.

Cessna Citation Longitude

Also, consider the landing weight. The weight at land is important since it will reduce the runway clearance. Remember, if you are landing in an airport, you must be at least one hundred and fifty feet from the airport edge. In order for this rule to be strictly followed, you must have a well-qualified landing weight in the air. If the takeoff weight is less than one hundred and fifty feet, you may be required to go around this rule.

cessna citation mustang

Most pilots have learned the importance of the takeoff weight rule in an emergency. In fact, it can save their lives if they can just reach those arbitrary numbers. This is why it is important for you to know the average takeoff weight for your aircraft when purchasing one Cessna Citation. It should not be less than fourteen thousand pounds. If it is, then you will be required to purchase a supplemental license.

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