Chartering Private Jets Is Now Super Easy!

Why rent individual seats on the plane when you can rent the entire aircraft?

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Benefits of Chartering a Jet!

There are many reasons why to charter a private jet or aircraft.



Do you want the flight that meets your schedule in the first place? If that's what you're after, chartering a private jet will be a lifesaver for you. 



There's no struggling with choosing the place to land your jet like you do in case of commercial airlines. Chartering helps you land your plane at the airfield nearest to your destination. 


No Delays

There's no need to sit around the airports for times of day. Unlike the traditional flights, charter ones are delayed only once in a while. 



Choose the level of comfort you think you'll be most comfortable with -- from cargo to luxury. So, whether it's a meeting with colleagues or your baby starts crying all of a sudden, you're good to go.  



Unlike traditional flights, the entire jet is geared towards offering you personalized convenience. Now, get the next-level privacy, amenities, and make the most out of your leisure time like never before. 


Easy Chartering

Booking for a private jet has never been this easy. There's no need to hire a professional (unless, of course, if you have no idea, plus, you don't want to do it by yourself), everything is easily available online at your fingertips. 

How to Charter a Private Jet?

Looking for the best ways to charter a private plane? Here's how you can do that:


Understanding options

The very first step is to get your head around how you would like to get started. While some people plan to charter the plane for once only, whereas, others like to purchase the membership so that they could continue their adventurous journey next year, as well.  


Choosing ride

Next step is to choose what type of ride you would like to experience -- is it going to be a shared one i.e. buying the individual seats on a private jet or you would like to hire the complete jet (for the optimum privacy). A shared ride could be a good option for those people who don't mind mingling with strangers. 


Ensuring ownership

If you're looking forward to being served better while you're in the plane, make sure that the plane is owned by the operator. If the operate owns the jet you're trying to charter, it's highly likely you will get the next-level convenience and comfort. 


Deciding cost

How much does it cost to charter a private jet? This is the question you should ask yourself before you finalize the decision for chartering a plane. If you're willing to charter a small jet or turboprop, you can expect to pay between $1k and $3k per flying hour, $4k and $8k per flying hour for a midsized jet, and $8k and $13k per flying hour for larger private jets. Ask if the the overall cost includes the taxi fees or not. 



Asking about safety of yours and the people who will be travelling with you is one of the important things to consider while chartering a private plane. Figure out whether there will be a single pilot or there will be two. You can ask about the total number of hours the pilots (who will be flying your jet) have flown. 


Cancellation terms

Before you jump to the final decision, it's very important to review the cancellation terms so you don't regret the decision later. In addition to aforesaid points, there are other things to keep in mind that you will get to learn in our articles later. 


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There's Nothing Like It!

There's nothing like chartering a private jet or plane and get the most out of that supreme comfort with the privacy you need.